Building construction cost calculator online

construction cost calculator online

Building Construction Cost Calculator Online


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Fig 01

Roof Area Slab Area

What is Carpet Area ?

Carpet area is the area that can actually be covered by a carpet or the area of the apartment excluding the thickness of inner walls.

What is Plinth Area?

Plinth Area is the covered built-up area determined at the flooring level of any type of storey or at the flooring degree of the cellar. Plinth Area is likewise called as built-up area and also is the whole location occupied by the building including interior and exterior walls.

What is Roof Slab?

The slab is the topmost component of the structure which rests over the column. So, the roof slab gives the shed to the underlain floor.

What is Column?

A column can be defined as a vertical architectural member developed to transmit a compressive load. A Column transfers the load from ceiling/roof slab and also from the beam, including its own weight to the structure.

Fig 02

plinth area vs carpet area

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