3d Floor Plan Service in Bangalore

3D Floor Plan Service in Bangalore

3D Floor Plan Service in Bangalore

For the Basic 2D plan you can check this post.

If you are looking for a 3D floor Plan like This. You are on the right page.

3d floor plan service bangalore
3d floor plan service bangalore

It’s very important to know the 3D internal furniture Layout, Like Modular Kitchen, Tv Unit, Wardrobe, Crockery Unit, False Ceiling, Dining Table position, Cot Orientation, Study table, etc,

Arrangements in the floor plan before the construction of walls of your house, so that according to your taste and requirement, you should come to know about the space.

It’s very difficult to understand the floor plan in 2D for those who Don’t have a basic knowledge of the Reading Floor plan. Our brains process graphical information better It is generally easier to understand visuals than to read 2D Floor plans.

2D Vs 3D illustrative image:


As you can see 2D is converted into 3D with the help of software. The process is not simple it will take time by importing into particular software placing components and then rendering it.

Why you need a 3D Floor Plan:

  • Visualize your basic 2D Floor plan in 3D.
  • It gives a better idea of space utilization.
  • Easy to understand by elderly people.
  • Furniture layout can be finalized by you, prior execution.
  • Saves money and time by deciding plan in early stages.

Advantage and Importance/Benefits of 3D floor plan:

1. 3D floor plan help to choose a color combination for floor tile and wall. 

2. With the help of a 3D Floor Plan, one can select their desired color for the wall or they can choose Wallpaper.

3. We Can Easily Find out Suitability of places for Storage units Like Wardrobe, Tv Unit, Modular Kitchen, Designer Wood Work Elements, Cot, Crockery unit, etc

4. If you Have the Existing Furniture, We can Check out Adaptability to a new House Based on Visualisation of Space.

5. It’s the starting stage of Interior Design you can say cut down version too.

6. It helps to save a lot of rework on-site and reduce money and time.

7. 3D Floor Plan will help you connect without any hiccups with contractors or carpenters.

Why Choose us:

The entire rendering project will be updated to you for necessary comments and markups. At Continent Group, we will not hesitate to edit the 3D renders and designs, until you are satisfied. After the completion of the final design or layout, we will mail you the high-resolution image.

Checkout Out Our 3D Floor Plan Renders:

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