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  • The quickest method to estimate the building construction costs in Bangalore or any other city is to locate similar buildings in the locality that has the same general look as well as the dimension of the one that you thinking to construct. After that take the selling price, minus the price of the land magic you’ll get the approximate estimate. This is, certainly not precise scientific research, but by using the above thumb rule you can ascertain some nearest value.

  • Suppose the home that you intend to build is different from what is offered in your location? Here is an idea. Go on the internet and enter the terms ‘home plans‘ or ‘house plans‘. You will certainly discover lots of websites that offer thousands of plans. You can browse by type, size, or dimension you like, and also for a small price you can download and view the plan. Consult friends and family about who is in the building construction field that will help out you with a quote.

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  • Building construction costs in Bangalore can sometimes be hard to pinpoint. If you use some of the approaches described above, probably you’ll arrive at something closer to the actual cost of construction.

  • One more way is to seek the help of a construction firm. If you give basic info like dimensions and area, you are willing to construct a home they may surely give an estimate with better pricing. Typically, their quote can be quite near to the actual building construction.

If you choose to proceed with operating as a one-man army, there are various factors that must be taken into account:


  1. Labor fees make up a considerable section of the expense of building your very own house. If you have the experience of building a house earlier you can minimize the construction cost to a certain extent.
  2. Home construction costs can be additional influence by the indoor features of the residence. Like interior spaces of a building, Living, dining area, kitchen, and rooms.
  3. Despite just how accurate or information-oriented you remain in the planning stages, you need to keep in that there may be an unexpected price overrun. It is a safe practice to put away about 10 or even 15 % for backup to ensure that you have the cash to cover any type of overrun.


Average Building Construction Cost in Bangalore Range (Market Range Year 2020)

₹ 1750/Sft


₹ 2750/Sft

Building Construction Packages

economy 1


Price Starts From
₹ 1750/Sft

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standard 1


Price Starts From
₹ 1950/Sft

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premium 1 sgdkji


Price Starts From
₹ 2150/Sft

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luxury 1


Price Starts From
₹ 2350/Sft

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