Structural design services Bangalore

Structural Design Services in Bangalore.

Structural Design by Civil Simplified: 

It is a method or tool by which we find out safe and economical specifications of a structure or a member of the structure sufficient to carry the load.

In other words finding out cross-sectional dimension, grade of material, amount of reinforcement etc. necessary to withstand the internal forces that we have got from structural analysis.

Structural design is very important in construction of any building, it’s like a skeleton in the human body, its give details of width and thickness of beam, column, plinth, spacing of column and beam, reinforcement details for the beam, footing, and column, etc., based on dead load, live load, earthquake load, wind load, etc.,

Structural design services in Bangalore


A structural Detailing is a highly specialized field of civil engineering. As well as to ensure that a scheduled structure will be sufficient size to carry its Super Structure loads. Structural designers carry out building analysis to identify how the structure behaves with certain load conditions and to check whether it withstands without fail for given specification or grades.


There is strong coordination between the professional design of an architecture/Civil engineer and also structural engineering. While designers are usually working with making the aesthetically appealing shapes of a project, architectural designers/civil engineer put their focus on strength, as well as safety and security when designing a structure.


There are two ways to do structural design

1. Manually by using References of IS code or any code specified the authority. 

2. By Using Structural Designing Software Like E-Tabs, Staad Pro, Cype, etc.,


The following are the Major Structural Drawing Details Required to Construct any building:


  • Column Centerline marking drawing
  • Footing marking and excavation drawing
  • Footing design and Reinforcement detailing drawing
  • Plinth beam design and detailed drawing
  • Sump tank Design and detailing drawing
  • Column design and detailing drawing
  • Beam-Column Layout Drawing
  • Slab Centering Drawing and detailing
  • Beam design and detailing drawing
  • Lintel design and detailing drawings
  • Staircase design and detailing drawings
  • Slab design and detailing drawing


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